Women's World Cup Scoresheets 1973

England v International XI 1
Young England v Australia 4
New Zealand v Trinidad and Tobago 7
International XI v New Zealand 10
Young England v Jamaica 13
Australia v Trinidad and Tobago 16
Jamaica v Trinidad and Tonago 19
England v Jamaica 22
Young England v International XI 25
Australia v New Zealand 28
Australia v Jamaica 31
England v New Zealand 34
International XI v Jamacia 36
Young England v Trinidad and Tobago 39
England v Young England 42
International XI v Trinidad and Tobago 48
England v Trinidad and Tobago 51
Australia v International XI 54
Young England v New Zealand 57
England v Australia 60
Opening 22-Over Tournament 63
Young England v Australia 63
Austrtalia v International XI 67
International XI v Jamaica 71
Jamaica v New Zealand 75
England v New Zealand 79
WCA Chairman's XI v Trinidad and TObago 81
England v Young England 85
Other Matches 89
Middlesex v Australia 89
Surrey v New Zealand 91
Young England v Australia 93
British Colleges v Trinidad and Tobago 95
Midlands v Jamaica 97
Sussex v International XI 99
West v Australia 101
Surrey Second XI v Trinidad and Tobago 103
Middlesex v International XI 105
West v New Zealand 107
West Midlands v Jamaica 108
Bedford CPE v Trinidad and Tobago 110
Kent v Australia 112
North Midlands v Combined New Zealand and International XI 114
Surrey v Australia 116
Yorkshire v New Zealand 118
Buckinghamshire and Sussex v Trinidad and Tobago 120
WCA President's XI v Australia 122
Yorkshire Second XI v Jamaica 124
Thames Valley v International XI 126
East Anglia v Trinidad and Tobago 128
Yorkshire v Australia 130
West v New Zealand 132
Civil Service v Jamaica 134
England Juniors v Jamaica 136
England v Jamaica 138
England v Trinidad and Tobago 140
Lancashire and Cheshire v Trinidad and Tobago 142
London v Jamaica 144
Sussex and Kent v New Zealand 146
Midlands v International XI 148
Surrey v New Zealand 150
West v Australia 152
England v Rest of the World 154