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International Tours 1934-1998

Test Matches:

DateTouring TeamMatchesResult 
1934-35England to Australia3Drawn 1 England 2Scorecards
1934-35England to New Zealand1Won by EnglandScorecards
1937Australia to England3Drawn 1 England 1 Australia 1Scorecards
1948-49England to Australia3Drawn 2 Australia 1 Scorecards
1948-49England to New Zealand1England 1Scorecards
1951Australia to England3Drawn 1 England 1 Australia 1Scorecards
1954New Zealand to England3Drawn 2 England 1Scorecards
1957New Zealand to England2Drawn 2
1957-58England to New Zealand2Drawn 2 Scorecards
1957-58England to Australia4Drawn 3 1 AbandonedScorecards
1960-61England to South Africa4Drawn 3 England 1Scorecards
1963Australia to England3Drawn 2 England 1Scorecards
1966New Zealand to England3Drawn 3Scorecards
1968-69England to Australia3Drawn 3Scorecards
1968-69England to New Zealand3Drawn 1 England 2Scorecards
1976Australia to England3Drawn 3Scorecards
1979West Indies to England3Drawn 1 England 2Scorecards
1984New Zealand to England3Drawn 3Scorecards
1984-85England to Australia5Drawn 2 Australia 2 England 1Scorecards
1986India to England3Drawn 3Scorecards
1987Australia to England3Drawn 2 Australia 1Scorecards
1991-92England to New Zealand3Drawn 2 England 1Scorecards
1991-92England to Australia1Won by AustraliaScorecards
1995-96England to India3Drawn 2 England 1Scorecards
1996New Zealand to England3Drawn 3Scorecards
1998Australia to England3Drawn 3
First Ashes Test (see below)

Official England One-Day Internationals:

DateTouring TeamMatchesResult 
1976Australia to England3England won 2-1
1979West Indies to England3Drawn 1 match abandoned
1984New Zealand to England3England won 3-0
1984-85England to Australia3Australia won 3-0
1986India to England3England won 3-0
1987Australia to England3Drawn 1 match abandoned
1989European Cup Denmark3Won by England
1990European Cup - England4Won by England
1991European Cup - Netherlands4Won by England
1990England to Ireland2England won 2-0
1991-92Triangular Series - New Zealand5Australia won 2 England won 1
 England and Australia to New Zealand New Zealand won 1 No Result 1 Abandoned 1
1995European Cup4Won by England
1995-96England to India5India won 3-2
1996New Zealand to England3New Zealand won 3-0
1997South Africa to England5England won 2-0 1 No Result 1 Abandoned
1998Australia to England5Australia won 5-0

World Cups:

1973England6England winScorecards
1978India3Australia winScorecards
1982New Zealand13Australia winScorecards
1988Australia9Australia winScorecards
1993England8England winScorecards
1997India7Australia winScorecards

The Women's Ashes

The Ashes, or the Women's Ashes, is the Women's Test Cricket Series between England and Australia. The Series was first played in 1934 and was the first ever Women's Test Series. It only became officially known as the Ashes in 1998 when the Series was drawn.

A ceremony took place in the Harrison Gardens at Lord's Cricket Ground on Monday the 20th July 1998 when a miniature bat, signed by the English and Australian Women's Cricket Squads, together with a copy of the WCA Constitution and Rules Book, were burnt and some of the ashes were subsequently sealed in this Trophy, from then to be known as "The Ashes".

The Trophy and the replica were designed and made by Brian Hodges of Twigfolly Trophies of Littlehampton, Sussex, from a 300 year old English Yew Tree which had been blown down in the 1987 gales.

The Trophy was presented by Mrs. Norma Izard OBE, the last President of the Women's Cricket Association (1994-1998), in commemoration of the dissolution of the Association which had been formed in 1926.

The Trophy will remain at Lord's Cricket Ground whilst the replica will be held by the winning Country.

Under the auspices of the WCA (Women's Cricket Association) a total of 11 Series have been played. There is no set length of the Series with it varying between 1 and 5 Tests.











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