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The first Cricket Week was held in Colwall in 1927. It resulted in an annual Festival of Women's Cricket for players from all levels taking part. In 1928, 48 players took part. Colwall residents provided B&B accommodation and cricket grounds in a wide radius of Colwall were used.

Numbers usually facilitated 12 teams, each team Captained by an England or County player down to beginners. Apart from the experience of playing matches amongst such celebrated and experienced participants for 5-6 consecutive days, Cricket Week was noted for its camaraderie and especially its entertainment on the final evening.

At the birthplace of women's cricket, every August, individuals from country-wide would descend on Colwall for a whole week of cricket! They would make up around a dozen teams minimum. Each team was headed by at least one England player, plus County players down to beginners. It was an annual Festival of fun and games - playing the game you loved during the day and providing the entertainment at night. Yes! And what an event that entertainment became! Players dressed up, acted up, sang and performed in the Horse & Jockey to the entire population of Cricket Week - not to mention one or two locals who found it better than elsewhere!

Such wonderful times were had at Cricket Week; such wonderful friends were made (and still remain) over the years, it's a great pity that this annual Festival of Women's Cricket was dropped by the ECB.

However, the Women's Cricket Associates have now taken this under their wing and continue to keep this annual Festival alive.











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