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SIXTEENTH MEETING held in Christchurch - 15th/17th December

All member countries, with the exception of Denmark, were present. The Chair reported that the terms under which the meeting had been convened were contrary to the present Rules and approval for the continuance of the meeting was given.

An enquiry had been received from Scotland regarding membership.

The amended IWCC Rules, submitted for discussion, resulted from a management review by Ernst & Young. The changed administrative structure would permit closer liaison with ICC. Following discussion of various points, the meeting accepted the new Rules.

The draft IWCC Handbook was adopted and referred to the incoming Executive.

As no valid nominations for the election of Officers had been received under the four month rule, it was agreed nominations would be taken from the floor.

The following were elected:

PresidentChristine Brierley(Australia)
Vice-PresidentBetty Timmer(Holland)

The following were nominated for the three Board member vacancies:
Sreerupa Bose, Barbara Daniels, Gwen Herat, Lynne O.Meara, Gill McConway, Mary Sharpe. The meeting was adjourned.

On resumption, the following were elected:
Sreerupa Bose (India), Lynne O.Meara (Australia) and Mary Sharp (Ireland).

The IWCC Strategic Plan was accepted. South tabled their plans for the next World Cup in 2005 and Australia offered to host in 2008. The new Board of Management would now deal with day-to-day administration and investigate the position of an Executive Officer, together with women's playing conditions - suspect bowling and kit logos. IWCC funds NZ$6,511.

Board of Management Meeting held 30th June, 2001 at Lord.s Cricket Ground, London.

A Research Officer would be appointed in August and a meeting with Andrew Eade (ICC) was scheduled in January 2002 in connection with a link-up to the ICC Funding & Research & Development plans. It was agreed members should contribute towards the Development Project. Membership fees were reviewed annually. Cricinfo Contract negotiations to continue. Player survey - Technical Committee for all International series - Continuance of Test Matches. IWCC Statistics - final resolution of 'unofficial matches'. Sri Lanka membership - International calendar for future tours. World Cup in South Africa - March, 2005 - IWCC website.

As part of ECC Development, the European Cup was held at Bradfield College, Reading, England on 17th/18th August, 2001. England, Holland, Ireland and Scotland participated under the auspices of the ECC (European Cricket Council) and ECB. The European Cup - Waterford Crystal - was won by Holland.

BOARD MEETING - held in Cape Town - September 2002

Cricinfo Contract - Matter not pursued. ICC Research Project - funding application made. Global Summary prepared. Mailing data base established. Research Officer to continued until March, 2004. Andrew Eade (ICC) to present Report to ICC. Development Committee (?December 2002). IWCC Handbook review. International calendar of competitions, etc., to be kept up to date.

UCBSA & SAWCA presentation made re: 2005 IWCC World CUP - attendees taken on tour of facilities, etc. Budget to be prepared. Together with administration/organisation structure for World Cup organisation.

Arrangements for IWCC Trophy in Holland - July 2003 reviewed. ECC would make contribution towards costs as no European Cup.


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